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Payment Methods

Payment Methods



We accept western union payment and online payment services by visa or master card.


1.Visa and master card:


In order to pay by visa or master card you should choose this option in the bag and checkout. We accept the following credit cards directly with our Merchant account: Visa, Mastercard, and Debit. Some buyers have trouble with direct credit card payment, maybe their card will get declined or another technical problem will occur, if this happens to you we strongly suggest you go back and choose the payment option of western union for your order.


2. Western Union:

Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer.
website link to :


First Name: HAI YAN

 Last Name:  LU

 City: Suzhou

Country: China

Address: #302, D3 floor, chengbei west road 1599#, jinchang area, Suzhou, China

Notes: please kindly send us the MTCN when you did the payment. If you choose pay by the Western Union, we wil give you some discount! Before you pay, please contact us, our email address is