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Cocktail Dresses

2016 Cocktail Collection Pronovias Long Flared Dress FREYA Style
2016 La Sposa 6615 V-neck Lace Bodice Party Cocktail Dress
2016 La Sposa 6624 Lace Mermaid Sweetheart Neckline Party Dress
2016 La Sposa 6659 Short Georgette Dress
2016 La Sposa 6671 Style Sweetheart Bodice Cocktail Party Dress
2016 La Sposa 6678 Mermaid Cocktail Party Dress in Crepe
2016 La Sposa 6684 V-neck Edged with Gemstone Embroidery Party Dress
2016 La Sposa 6686 Purple Flared Dress in Georgette
2016 La Sposa Mermaid Dress in Georgette 6622
2016 La Sposa Short Georgette Cocktail Party Dress 6651
2016 La Sposa V-neck and Gemstone Embroidery Party Dress
2016 LARIMA Style Sweetheart Neckline Cocktail Dress Pronovias
2016 New Coming Hannah S Cocktail Party 27943 Dress
2016 Pronovias FABIOLA Style Evening Wedding Cocktail Dress
2016 Pronovias FABULOSA Style Red Cocktail Evening Party Dress
2016 Pronovias FLEUR Style Long Mermaid Cocktail Party Dress